Resonating Thoughts.

As part of eActivity 2.1 I watched the following video:

I found a number of points, shared in the video, were relevant to my research.

The last point from the video but the first for me, the importance of a shared vision. I have worked with a number of schools who focus on “What” they are attempting to accomplish without regard for “Why” the establishment of a shared vision allows individuals within a larger institution to take initiative and to advance their own skills and pedagogical understanding without having to wait for the next step, next instruction or next PD day. The concept of a shared vision is vital to any school wishing to implement change.

Secondly the importance of support, both “direct support” from within the school and beyond. It is the nature of e-Learning development within Schools that the Professional Development has to be “Just in time, just enough and Just for me”. Teachers need to be able to seek out and receive timely support. If this is only located from an external source then it will become a struggle to gain traction.

Finally the comment that teachers “Will implement a range of online tools based on their skills and confidence, and of course their pedagogical approaches”. This is a key understanding for the leaders of learning within a school to have the idea that teachers will require an understanding of not just the skills but the underlying pedagogies as well.

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