E-Activity 2.1: Arena of change mindmap

I found this activity to be quite challenging, as my mind kept wandering (as shown in the post image). I record my notes in the more traditional form criticised by Tony Buzan in the video shown below.

After a quick google search I settled on Bubbl.us (www.bubbl.us) as the mind mapping tool that suited me, as it had had a fairly intuitive interface. With very limited thought I dove right in and attempted to recreate my existing notes in mind map form. This had less than spectacular results. Defeated, I returned to Tony Buzan’s Video and the Task description and tried to structure my map into the Arena of Change model (Davis N. 2012). First through each of the different strata: Classroom, School, Area, Nation, World. Then through four branches for the four different types of influence: Professional, Commercial, Political and Bureaucratic. I found the second approach to be more successful.


My Research Topic: What are the pedagogical and device selection implications for the implementation of a 1 to 1 BYOD programme in Years 7-10? 


(Note: Focus changed post activity to “Leadership” in lieu of Device Selection)

Having divided the concept of BYOD into the four influence types (and some of them are slightly misinterpreted from their original form). The concept of BYOD gets very busy very quickly, and some of the key considerations are left at the fringes. The two key foci for my research topic Device Selection Criteria and Pedagogy (shown in Red) are both four ‘hops’ from the centre of the mind map, as part of my research I will be looking at mind mapping again with each of these bubbles as their own separate central focus.

Overall I found this activity to be a productive one, forcing me to restructure my thinking on the topic has shown me that I need to draw my attention further towards the central ideas of my research and not get bogged down in the bigger picture.


One thought on “E-Activity 2.1: Arena of change mindmap

  1. Wayne

    Indeed, BYOD can get very busy very quickly – -so please that you found this activity useful in reflecting on your research topic. Remember to think about how the theory on change models etc relates to your research topic.

    Great contribution — thanks for sharing.


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